Changing the Game

We’re not a café with a few yard sale remainders lying around. With over 800 games, you can grab something off the shelf and get your game on, or if you’d prefer our Gametenders can make a recommendation and even teach you a new game. Either way, expect wonderful hospitality for the simple pleasure of enjoying a great game. So, what would you like to play?


  • Monopoly

  • Risk

  • Yahtzee

  • Scrabble

  • Checkers

  • Chess

  • Sorry

  • Parcheesi

  • Backgammon

  • Life

  • Guess Who?

  • Battleship

  • Trouble, Clue, and many, many more!

Party Games

  • Codenames

  • Apples to Apples

  • Trivial Pursuit

  • Concept

  • Jenga

  • Cards Against Humanity

  • Telestrations

  • Time’s Up!

  • The Resistance

  • Secret Hitler, and many, many more!

Strategy Games

  • Catan

  • Ticket to Ride

  • Carcassonne

  • Splendor

  • Pandemic

  • Patchwork

  • Puerto Rico

  • Azul

  • Power Grid

  • Reef

  • Seven Wonders

  • Rebellion

  • Small World, and many, many more!

Light Games

Light games to pass the time and give you something to chat about including Timeline, Quarto, Set, Farkle, Qwirkle, Pentago, Illusion, and many, many more!

New Releases and Staff Favorites

With over 3000 games released every year, so many choices can be hard to keep up with what’s new and fun. We’re always adding new games and staff favorites so be sure to ask us about the latest hot ones!