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D&D / RPG Night


Join us on Tuesday night for D&D 5e! Our guest DMs have created amazing experiences that they are hosting just for you! Roll in for good times and great people with our host Christine.

Let us know what you'd like to see or experiences you are looking to host!

Check out the games being run below!

The Proof of UUGOTH (D&D 5e) - When a wayfaring caravan is swallowed by a desert sinkhole, a team of intrepid adventurers must fight to survive the ancient horrors lying in wait beneath the desert sands. (Run by Keegan, lvl 5 game, max 5 players)

Mysteries of the Endless Maze (D&D 5e) - A powerful wizard created the maze to ensnare treasure hunters who may be bold enough to seek his prized hoard of magic items. Though the maze’s creator long ago died, its magic persists, and the enigmatic complex has yet to be solved. A wealth of treasure awaits any who are cunning enough to traverse the mysterious maze and collect the keys needed to escape. (Run by Geoffrey, lvl 5 game, max 5 players)

And more to come! This event is FREE to enter!

We ask that all players abide by the Phiddal Code of Conduct

Earlier Event: March 24
Closing Early for Private Event
Later Event: March 27
Magic Draft & Daught